About US

About US

Elevator Studio creates powerful stories that connect brands to people and culture. For our audiences that means really awesome content, that they love and share. For our clients that means higher engagement and brand affinity – and ultimately a greater measurable impact.

We have the experience and resources to create any story in any required format. Our in-house photo/video and music studios are complimented by a range of scalable production solutions, while our sister companies provide specialist experiential and event management support.


Elevator Studio believes that this polarity shift is disrupting mass media to its core – and by extension, what brands mean to consumers. No longer can companies solely rely on paid channels to distribute ‘marketing’. They must also focus on the worthiness of content and the value that sharing their story across a multi-channel network provides humans.
As the marketing landscape grows increasing complex, consumers require a thoughtful, humanized approach to communication. Rather than start with a brand ‘message’, Elevator Studio begins by identifying the values, passions & commonalities that authentically connect a brand to its audience. We then analyze the broader cultural landscape that exists between company & consumer, and ‘activate’ the brand in culture – through storytelling & collaboration.


We believe social media platforms have become the new mainstream media; driven by a culture obsessed with followers, tweets, posts and real-time response rates. Today, if you have a loyal and engaged audience of millions, the right hashtag, story and content can launch a campaign that spreads like wildfire around the world. This is the power we harness for best-in-class brands. And it’s how we push the limits of what’s possible in marketing.

Growing followers on social media that match the demographics, interests and behaviors of your typical customers increases word of mouth, street cred, and referrals. Social Media is the primary medium of choice for millennials and the Gen Z consumer.

Elevator will help to increase engagement on media posts, thereby increasing brand awareness and the connection to your audience. The more engagement, the stronger the connection. And the stronger the connection, the greater the sales and the influence.


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